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The Ladder stitch is most often used as a starting base stitch for the herringbone weave and the brick stitch.

Step 1: String two beads and tie them together in a double knot so they are stacked one on top of the other:

Step 2: Go through the top bead again:

Step 3: String another bead:

Step 4: Go back through the second bead. Pull tight so the beads are stacked on top of one another:

Step 5: Go through the third bead in the stack again:

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 until you have the number of beads you want. Remember to keep the tension tight as you do.

Patterns that use the Ladder stitch include:

Herringbone Bugle & Crystal Band:

Tila Curve Bracelets:

Tila Bands:

Cleopatra Bracelet:

Deco Bracelet:

Wiggle Bracelet: