Crystal Bracelet Patterns

Click on a picture for more details on each pattern (new patterns added to the top):

Slinky (FREE) Mandy Bands Granny Square Runway Bracelet & Earrings Bling Bracelet & Medallion Cirque Bracelet & Earrings Honeycomb Stacker (FREE) Bobble Bangles Antonia Bracelet Alexandra Bracelet Boleynn Cuff Netted Pearl Bracelet (FREE) Bejeweled Bracelet & Earrings Blue Jeans Bracelet Bijoux Bracelet Bistro Bracelets Crystal Rings Bracelet (FREE) Bouclé Bracelet Butterfly Lace Bracelet Byzantium Band Blossom Bracelet & Earrings Ribbon Candy Bracelet (FREE) Button Bracelet Baroque Bracelets & Earrings Cube Brocade Bracelets Crystal Arches Bracelet (FREE) Craving Crystal Crystal Wiggle Bracelet Celebration Bracelet Crystal Cuff Fiesta Bracelet/Earrings(FREE) Crystal Posy Bracelet Crystal Lace Bracelet Crystal Tennis Bracelet Crystal Drop Bracelet Crystal Flower Bracelet Crystal Squares Bracelet Candlelight Cuff (FREE) Crocus Garden Bracelet Christmas Bracelet Cordelia's Bracelet Crystal Tile Bracelet Secret Santa Bracelet (FREE) Crystal Windows Bracelet Crystal Windows Cuff Cube Bracelet Eliza Bracelet Saturday Night Bracelet (FREE) Garden Cuff Elizabethan Cuff Garden Bracelet Daisy Bracelet Bridesmaid's Cuff (FREE) Geometric Obsession Diamond Crystal Bracelet Fretted Floral Bracelet Crystal Luster Bracelet (FREE) Fishnet Cuff Holiday Bracelet & Medallion Larkspur Bracelet Pebbled Bracelet Lady Jane's Bracelet Cupola Bracelet (FREE) Lilac Bracelet Octagonal Bracelet Herringbone Bugle Band Hana Ami Bracelets (FREE) Heirloom Bracelet Morning Glory Bracelet Half'n Half Bracelet Biw Tie Bracelet (FREE) Isabella's Bracelet Key West Bracelet Lattice Bracelet Moon Ring Bracelet Diagonal Stripes (FREE) Pastel Dream Bracelet Patchwork Bracelet Poinsettia Bracelet Port Hope Bracelet Birthday Bracelet (FREE) Tuscan Cuff Wildflower Bracelet Spotlight Bracelet & Earrings Venetian Cuff ZigZag Bracelet (FREE) Tudor Bracelet Ribbon Bracelet Scalloped Pearl Bracelet Royal Crystal Bracelet (FREE) Trellis Bracelet Rivoli Bracelet Sixpence Bracelet Guinevere Bracelet (FREE) Venetian Bands Rosebud Bracelet Serpentine Bracelet Easy Crystal Bracelet (FREE) Spring Bracelet Serpentine Lace Bracelet Victorian Bracelet Wild Rose Bracelet Tuscan Band